Landers Superstore Membership Application

Terms and Conditions

We are glad to welcome you as the newest member of the Landers Superstore family. Here are your membership privileges and conditions:

  1. Membership: Any individual above 18 years of age is qualified to apply for membership. Membership application is bound by the rules of Landers Superstore, which could be altered without prior notice. Landers Superstore also reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant. And membership can be nullified without notice or cause.
  2. Membership Cards and Fees: The membership fee is covered for one (1) year from the date of application of the Primary cardholder. The membership card will expire on the anniversary date of the Primary cardholder, as well as its Extension. The card is valid at any Landers Superstore. For security purposes, you will be requested to show your membership card upon entering Landers Superstores. You will likewise be requested to show your membership card when paying at the register. Lost or stolen membership cards should be reported immediately to the Landers Superstore Membership Department. A P100 fee will be charged for the replacement of each card. Membership may be terminated at the discretion of Landers Superstore. All membership cards are non-transferable and remain as property of Landers Superstore and must be surrendered upon request.
  3. Renewal, Revision, or Deletion of Cards: The primary cardholder is responsible and authorized for the renewal or any changes, including deletion, of the membership. A notification will be sent to you for your upcoming renewal each year. However, all cardholders must pay the membership renewal fee, which can be done at any Landers Superstore. Upon receipt of renewal fees, your membership will automatically be extended for an additional one (1) year from expiration date. Your will continue using your original membership card unless otherwise advised by Landers Superstore.
  4. Termination of Membership: You may discontinue your membership any time and we will refund your membership fee. To terminate your membership, the Primary cardholder should submit to the Landers Superstore Membership Department a written termination notice together with the membership card, official receipt, and any valid identification card with photo. The refund will be pro-rated based on the number of months remaining in your current annual membership.
  5. Payment: Payment can be made via cash, debit card or credit card authorized by Landers Superstore.
  6. Return or Refund: The Landers Superstore member, his extension, and Landers Superstore agree that return or refund is subject to the following rules:
    • Replacement or exchange will be done in the Landers Superstore where the item was purchased.
    • All defective merchandise for replacement or exchange must be returned within seven (7) days from the date of purchase, along with the original Landers Superstore sales receipt.
    • Non-food merchandise must be returned complete with original packaging, manual, and factory sales intact.
    • Undergarments are not returnable nor exchangeable.
    • Items considered as "Service Center" are not refundable and will be returned to an authorized Service Center to repair under manufacturer's warranty.
    • Replacement or exchange of perishable items is only valid within 24 hours from date of purchase.
    • Food items to be returned should at least be 75% intact.
  7. Warranty Policy: Landers Superstore honors all manufacturer's warranties with respect only to locally-sourced items and/or products manufactured within the Philippines. With respect to foreign-sourced and/or imported items, the warranty of Landers Superstore shall be limited. The Landers Superstore Warranty Policy does not apply to any product, or part thereof, which ahs been damaged through electrical voltage fluctuation, improper installation, misuse, alteration, attempts of repair, neglect, accident, removal/defacement of factory seals or serial numbers, damages from fire, flood, and wind or water.
  8. General Policies: Landers Superstore promotes family bonding that's why members are welcome to bring their children and guests. However, only members are allowed to purchase merchandise using his/her membership card. Responsible parenting is also encouraged inside the superstore; children should not be left unattended. Opening of merchandise before purchase is not permitted. Members are responsible for any opened or damaged merchandise by their guests, children or themselves. Landers Superstore reserves the right to inspect backpacks, diaper bags or briefcases.

To ensure that you have been charged correctly for the merchandise received, all receipts will be verified upon leaving the superstore. Landers Superstore is not responsible for any damage or loss caused, directly or indirectly, by defects in the merchandise manufactures or sold by other companies.

Landers Superstore does not assume the obligation of a depository or safe-keeper of any vehicle and any content or part thereof while inside our parking area. Landers Superstore members solely assume all risks to his/her vehicle and its content when using the parking area. Therefore, Landers Superstore is not responsible for any damage or loss to your vehicle while at the parking area.

By submitting this membership application form, the applicant warrants that he/she has read and understood and gives his unqualified conformity to these terms and conditions of membership.