Besides the spacious isles, rare finds, and blissful shopping that Landers Superstore presents, it also aims to connect you to a world of exciting flavors and authentic tastes. And it succeeds to do just that with Landers Central.


Inspired by New York’s Grand Central Terminal, Landers Central is always busy driving people’s appetites with nothing but U.S.’ top tastes. Equipped with palatable pizzas and pastas, tempting chicken dishes and hotdogs, and the new, delicious U.S. Angus Beef Burger, this station for good food is not something to miss.


The venue is also something noteworthy; it’s the coziest a diner can be. Its roomy lounge has long tables perfect for small gatherings and meetings, and comfy seats for those who just want to take a break.


For someone who works just a hundred meters away from it, one week is all it took for me to get to know each and every dish they serve. Here are some favorites:



Station #1: Central Garden Pizza


Showered with tomatoes, black olives, green pepper slices, mushrooms, and pineapples, Landers Central’s Central Garden Pizza fills me up every time. The problem is, this filler tastes so good and if you’re like me, you’ll probably feel full before you could get enough of it.


Station #2: Truffle Cream Pasta with Grilled Chicken


There’s something with this pasta plate that makes diet plans disappear. Creamy pasta topped with grilled chicken slices and a dash of Parmesan.


Station #3: U.S. Angus Beef Burger


Tomatoes, cheese, melted cheese, a fair share of greens, and a quarter-pound U.S. Angus Beef patty sandwiched between two buns with a sprinkle of oats. This heavy and tasty burger from Landers Central only breaks jaws, not hearts.


All in all, the ambiance plus the diner’s all-star menu is easy to fall in love with. Drop by Landers Central and taste New York’s best.



Written by Lance Vidal