If food categories had a face-off, (or should I say taste-off?) the sweets will definitely win top spot. Sweets have such a huge impact on human beings and for that I say it deserves a special place anywhere in the world.


Landers knows that and with that, it introduces Dough & Co.


Dough & Co. is brought about by a family of world-class bakers with the goal of making the world a sweeter place, one baked creation at a time. They refill the racks daily and each serving is guaranteed fresh.


That said, let’s take a look at some of their sweet creations:



Peanut Butter Chocolate Chips

The all-time favorite chocolate chip infused with peanut buttery goodness!



Dulce De Leche Snack Cake

I can go on and on about how tasty this one is!

Apple Crumble

The new apple of my eye

Dough & Co. ensures that every piece is handled with love, so that your family will love it, too, in every bite, from the sweet coatings down to the crumbs.





Written by Lance Vidal