When that time comes, we should know how to care for them properly to make the last years of their life as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

Visit the Vet Regularly

Just like humans, our dogs will become afflicted with a variety of ailments once they reach old age. Common health problems include arthritis, dental diseases, and heart diseases. Undergoing regular check-up will help keep your dog in tip-top shape and detect a potential sickness early on.

Feed Your Dog a Nutritious Diet

Maintaining a good diet is essential at any age, but it becomes more critical during the senior years. Make sure you talk to your vet to know what kind of food is most appropriate for your dog’s age and lifestyle.

Keep Your Dog Moving

The risk of obesity is strong in senior dogs. That is why aside from feeding your dog a healthy, lean diet, it is also important for you to exercise him regularly. Even something as simple as a walk around the block helps control their weight and prevents early degeneration of joints. Tailor fit the exercise depending on your dog’s size.

Create a Safe Space

Dogs may also begin to suffer from loss of eyesight or hearing as they age, which can result in a lot of stress.  As such, you must take every measure available to keep your senior dog safe and comfortable. Put away items that could harm him and set up pet gates so he would not stumble around the house. Aside from that, place essential items within his reach like the food bowl, water bowl, and litter box for easy access. For dogs with orthopedic problems, providing them with softer beds helps in alleviating the pain.

Make Time for Play Time

You may not be able to teach old dogs new tricks but you can certainly keep them mentally stimulated. Give your dog plenty of toys or food puzzles to play with to keep them entertained.

Shower Your Dog with Love and Affection

Be generous in showing affection to your senior dogs. He may not be able to say thank you but he will surely appreciate every belly rub, massage or grooming time you give him.