That means they also deserve to be spoiled with presents this Christmas, like the true family members that they are. We list down 5 gift ideas below that we think will surely be in your furbabies’ Christmas wish list – if they knew how to make one.


No doubt this would definitely be the first item in any pet’s wish list. Return their unconditional love by showering them with their favorite treats this Christmas. You can also get chewable treats to keep them full and entertained at the same time.

Food Bowl

New treats deserve a new food bowl, too! To make meal times healthier and more enjoyable, you can give them the Slo-Bowl, a special food bowl that helps regulate their feeding pace. Its maze-like design encourages them to ‘forage’ for their kibbles resulting in a naturally slower consumption. This reduces significantly the risk for regurgitation, bloat, and obesity in your beloved pets.

Stuffed Toy

Bring out your pet’s inner hunter by getting him an animal-shaped plushy to play with. Buy one with a built-in squeaker for extra fun.


How about splurging a little and finally giving them a luxurious bed to sleep in? It’s favorable for you too because you won’t find yourself waking up in the middle of the night again only to see that your pet has taken up three-fourths of the space in your bed.

Fur Brush

Pets hate matted fur. That’s why they’ll surely appreciate a fur brush this Christmas to keep their coats tangle-free. Besides, brushing their fur is additional bonding time with you and we’re quite sure your pets appreciate that more than anything else in the world.

You don’t have any excuse to forget your furry babies’ holiday gifts anymore because these selections and more are available at Landers Superstore’s pet section.