Here are a few tips to use your appliances more efficiently.


1. Clean your air conditioning unit regularly. You can reduce your ACs energy consumption by 15% if you regularly replace or clean its filters. ACs work harder when the temperature increases so helping it by removing as much weight and dirt can go a long way.


2. Open the windows to reduce your dependency on electric fans and air conditioners.


3. If possible, cook outside. Cooking adds up to the heat so we’d want to take it out as much as possible.


4. Install blinds and foam board insulators to lessen the heat.


5. Take advantage of sunlight. Switch off the artificial lights and use the daylight to lighten up your home.


6. Seal the ducts. Leaks through ducts can cause the appliance to work harder and therefore, generate higher electricity costs. Sealing these and adding insulation can remove a large chunk from your electricity bills.


7. Install exhaust fans and bathroom fans. Add some of these to lessen the heat even more. It also lessens humidity so won’t rely too much to that AC.


Now, here’s a bonus tip. Now that you know you can save a lot of money from these tips, you can spend more freely on desserts and other frozen treats! To learn more about the efficient use of electricity, visit