They have limited patience for the general hassle involved with travel – like long queues, delayed flights, and carrying their own bags. Often they end up getting cranky, bored, or whiney which can ruin what is supposedly an enriching and wonderful experience for them.


Unfortunately, these inconveniences are almost impossible to avoid. The least we can do is to give our children something that will spark their imagination and distract them from the more difficult parts of traveling.


That’s where Rastar Walking Suitcase comes in. Unlike your boring run-of-the-mill suitcase, the Rastar Walking Suitcase can ‘walk’ and ‘speak.’ The secret is in its 2.4G remote control. With just a simple click, your child can freely control her suitcase to go wherever she wants it to go. It also has a set of recorded phrases that she can play for added entertainment. A luggage that doubles as a fancy remote-controlled toy? Your kid will definitely look forward to traveling with this in tow!


Based in Guangdong, China, Rastar Group has long been in the business of manufacturing high-quality remote-controlled cars and activity ride-ons for kids. This time, they brought the same technology and expertise they’ve earned from making their world-famous remote-controlled cars into their walking suitcase for kids.


Aside from its fancy features, it also has a silky lined interior with ample space for clothes and other travel necessities. Its cover is made of tough ABS plastic shell that can withstand the normal wear and tear of traveling. Did I also mention that it comes in a variety of very cute designs like ladybugs, bee stripes, and French macarons?


Every trip should always be a memorable experience for kids. With the Rastar Walking Suitcase, your future jet-setter will surely have a fun time in transit. Get it now at Landers Superstore!