Participating in holiday activities such as gift-giving and Noche Buena will certainly put a serious dent in your budget. It may feel festive now with all the shopping and dining in restaurants, but it surely won’t feel that way once you see your credit card bill.


Planning your budget is very important if you don’t want to go into the New Year broke and buried in debt. Here are a few tips to help you avoid overspending during the holidays.


Set a Spending Limit


Start of your holiday budget planning by setting a limit on how much you’ll spend for this season. Assign a separate spending cap for each category – gifts, food for Noche Buena, decors, etc. – to make sure that you don’t splurge your entire Christmas budget on one category alone. Last minute purchases are often unavoidable so make sure you provide some room for them in your planning, too. No matter how you formulate your budget, the most important thing is you have one to guide you for the rest of the holidays.


Make a List and Check It Twice


Now that you have your budget prepared, write down all the things you need to buy per spending category. For example, when it comes to presents, list all the people you’ll be buying gifts for and then break down your assigned budget for presents to each of the names on that list. Do the same for the other categories.


Once you have your list, all you really have to do is stick to it. Keep a copy on a handy notebook or your cellphone so you can always refer to it when you’re out and doing your shopping.


Embrace D-I-Y


Going DIY for Christmas is surely a great way to save money without having to cut back on your gift-giving list or your décor plans. If you’re not the crafty type but would like to explore this option, there are a lot of easy DIY tutorials over the internet you can choose from. Pick only one that really appeals to you so you can buy your needed materials in bulk.


Be a wise shopper


Being a wise shopper means planning your shopping trips well and finding ways to get the best deals. This is important to bear in mind especially during Christmas when all the stores out there are doing everything to grab your attention. Here are a few things to remember when you go shopping:

  • Visit stores at odd hours so you don’t feel too stressed when shopping. It will allow you to think more clearly and to choose items more carefully.
  • Keep an eye out for sales but make sure to compare prices before buying anything so you won’t fall for a bogus one.
  • Go home as soon as you have bought all the items you need to buy. Oftentimes, saying “I just want to see what they have” turns into an unplanned spending spree.


A little budget planning can really go a long way in making your Christmas more meaningful without putting your finances in jeopardy. Not only that, you also save time which you can use to spend making more beautiful memories with your loved ones. Now, that’s truly priceless.