However, in our mad scramble to pay our bills, beat work deadlines, meet family obligations, and do all the things we have to do in so little time, the stress starts to feel burdensome. If left unchecked, it can have negative effects on both our emotional and physical wellbeing.

You might think that stress is beyond your control especially when you’re in the midst of experiencing one. But the truth is that you have the power to break its hold on your life.  Here are very simple tips to help you when the going gets tough:

Start exercising

Exercise releases endorphins, the happy hormone, which helps in alleviating stress. Even a 30 minute brisk walk every day is already a good start. Build up your fitness regimen until you find one that suits your schedule and physical capabilities.

Eat healthy

Avoid indulging in alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes. Far from helping you, these substances actually make it harder for your body to cope with stress. Eating healthy will allow your body to recover faster from a stressful episode. It will also make you feel better about yourself.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is a great way to recharge after a stressful day. Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary and get that much coveted sleep by keeping it free from things that remind you of your worries. This means not doing any work and not checking your phone once you are already in bed

Manage your time

You can try utilizing a bullet journal or a planner to list down all your pending tasks and prioritize the most important ones. Also, learn to say no when you have too much on your plate. Remind yourself that you cannot do everything at once.

Talk to someone

Keeping things to yourself will only give you unnecessary stress. Share your thoughts and feelings with someone you trust to relieve some of the pressure inside you.

Give yourself a break

It’s important to rest once in a while to get your bearings back together. Take that long overdue vacation, or pursue that hobby you’ve always wanted to try. Having some time off will help to clear your mind and renew your sense of purpose.