It doesn’t matter if you have a mansion or a studio-type condo, what matters is that you know how to maximize your space. With that said, here are 5 space saving techniques for the modern household.

1. Hang your laundry bag on the back of your door

  • You’d never want your friends to see your dirty undies, so we place it where they’re least likely to go.

2. Buy a bed frame with drawers

  • For those with small bedrooms, these allow you to do a lot more. It can also work as a dresser and a shoe storage. Useful!

3. Stack old suitcases to make an artsy and vintage bedside stand.

  • This can give your space a whole new personality. What’s best is that it’s super easy to make. Also, you can put seasonal items like Christmas decors and thick jackets at the bottom.

4. Hide your bed sheets under the mattress.

  • Instead of adding large piles of blankets and towels to your cabinet, hide them under your mattress so you can have more space.

5. Use Legos to organize your keys and cords.

  • Who knew that Lego mini-figures can give you a hand? Glue Lego flats on the side of your office table so you can attach the figurines. The figurines’ hands will perfectly fit your phone charger’s cord.