But unbeknownst to most, it opens new challenges and problems that could add stress to the daily workload. One of the many is organizing your home-office. Here, we share with you some ways to organize your space and boost your efficiency.


Stack Mason jars and use them as office organizers

Glue the jars together. Once dry, tip the whole thing on the side. Arrange pens, pencils, coloring pens, and clips and now you got yourself an artsy organizer!


Utilize binder clips to organize tangled cords

You probably have seen this somewhere in the internet but in case not, you can use binder clips to organize the tangled cords of your devices.


Make a new desk out of old doors and cabinets.

Instead of buying a brand new desktop table, why not create your own with old pieces of wood lying around the house. You can use old doors as tables and old cabinets as the desk’s feet.


Magnetic knife racks

Who knew this kitchen innovation can also make a mark in an office setting? Add one of these to your home-office and discover a whole new way of storing notes in binder clips and keychains.


Use an old chest as a file organizer

If your line of work requires a lot of paper work, you can use old chests to organize a ton of your paper work. Add markers and sections inside it for a more organized storage.


If you find these tips helpful, lifehack.org has a lot more to help you organize your home-office.