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Dermologica.com states that men have higher collagen density than women. If you compare a woman’s skin to man’s skin, assuming they are of the same age, the woman’s skin would be 15 years older. But since men don’t normally use sunscreen, UV damage from the sun could contribute to the aging factor of men’s skin, and so you couldn’t really distinguish the “skin age gap”.

Although there are structural differences in a man’s and a woman’s skin, it still is important to take care of it. Below are some tips to encourage your male loved one to start taking care of his skin.
1. Start off slow.
Don’t scare your man off with an overload of information or products to use. Begin by recommending one product first. Instruct him to use it for a few weeks. If he sees a difference, he will most likely be more interested in taking care of his skin.

2. Treat it as health care.
Convince your husband or boyfriend that it’s more of a health concern rather than a vanity thing. Feed him reasons and present to him the facts. After that, help him mentally process the benefits he’ll get from the products you recommend.

3. Give him samples.
Since a lot of men don’t follow a strict skin care regimen, they will most likely grab the first thing they see on the store shelf or use whatever they find in their bathroom. Use this to your advantage. Byrdie.com recommends a smart strategy of sneaking in some product samples into his bathroom.

4. Think like a man.
When it comes to teaching your significant other about skin care, he will most likely be intimidated by words he doesn’t understand. It’s best to speak in a language he identifies with. Replace words like “toner” to terms like “aftershave”.

5. Choose products he’d want in his bathroom.
It helps if the products you suggest are brands that he is familiar with. Or if not, try to at least hand him products that look less feminine and are not gender-specific. 
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