Here are some useful hacks that could would you achieve that:

1. Is your closet getting too crowded? Well, one option would be to donate clothes you don’t need. But if you can’t afford to let go of any of your wardrobe, there’s another solution. Maximize your cloest space by hooking together two hangers with a soda can tab! See more at

2. The drawer that holds your undergarments can get a little chaotic, especially if you have to rummage in there for your favorite underwear. To keep it more organized, why not use some PVC pipes as compartments? Check out how it’s done at

3. Most of us are trying to do the Earth a favor by keeping all of our plastic bags for reuse. But sometimes, too many of them can be an eyesore in your cabinet. To save space, you can store them in empty tissue boxes!

4. You would probably opt for a prettier box or holder for your jewelry.  But if you want to save money and be resourceful, you can store your earrings and other trinkets on an ice tray!

5. If you think your kitchen drawers are not big enough to hold all your utensils, think again! Maximize the space by placing diagonal dividers. For a tutorial, visit

6. Aside from their original function, doorknobs can be used for another purpose: holding a door organizer! This little spot can harbor all the essentials you grab before you head out of the house. That could mean your keys, a notebook, your phone and other things. Read up on this guide by on how to make your own.

7. After using up all the toilet paper, don’t toss the tissue rolls into the bin. You can repurpose them to hold chargers and cables. To give them a more decorative look, you can wrap the rolls in washi tape or simply apply paint.

8. A wine rack could hold a lot of other things aside from your wine collection. For instance, it can serve as a tower holder or a display for your purses!