You are probably wondering what wine ice cream actually tastes like. Well, Mercer’s has concocted ten different flavors. Each has 5% of alcohol content and offers a unique experience for our taste buds. Let’s take a look at four of the flavors and find out what’s so good about them, based on the reviews.
This chic variant infuses dry white wine with ice cream for a “fruity, crisp, effervescent quality and well-balanced taste.” If you want to go for ice cream with a very subtle taste of wine, this is the flavor you’re looking for. The Riesling could be your light introduction to Mercer’s wine ice cream, before you move on to the other flavors that have stronger hints of wine. As blogger Elizabethany shares, “It's refreshing and tastes like you're drinking.”

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As the official description states, Mercer’s chose “a Merlot wine recognized for its plum and black cherry undertones, and accentuated it with plump Bordeaux cherries.” It has a light purple color and gives off a subtle scent of the booze. At first bite, you’ll taste the cherry, but as Ken Ross of noted, the Merlot flavor emerges a few seconds after and gradually builds in intensity.
The Sparkling Strawberry ice cream combines sweet champagne with ribbons of shimmering strawberries. This mild ice cream has a very smooth texture, which makes it easy to scoop. It also gives off a subtle scent of fresh strawberry. The review on mentions that they “could definitely see this creeping into a jazzed up mimosa or being served up with some shortcake!”
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Mercer’s paired bittersweet chocolate morsels with Cabernet wine for this variant. A scoop of this goodness will give you a rich, chocolatey taste. The buzz comes right after. “The pairing of the chocolate and the bold Cabernet with the little bittersweet chocolate shreds is so interesting and delicious with that alcohol bite right there at the tail end,” says Erin of
Did that whet your taste buds yet? Try Mercer’s wine ice cream now for yourself. You can find pints of them at any Landers Superstore.
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