After all, Christmas is a time for celebration and celebrations are simply not complete without a feast. There’s no holding back when it comes to pulling all the stops in our preparations; every dish is served with extra flair and care. Now if you’re looking for an extraordinary dessert that will match your desire for sumptuous food this season, then you’ll surely love the sweet offerings of Just Desserts.

There is nothing ‘just’ about Just Desserts. Founded in 1974, its premium taste made it an easy favorite in its home base of San Francisco, California and beyond. Every single one of its cakes is “hand-crafted and baked from scratch,” which means there is no machine frosted cakes, no pre-made mixes, and no short cuts during the baking process. They only use premium quality and wholesome ingredients resulting in a glorious and decadent taste in every bite.

They also have an organic and vegan line to allow more people to enjoy their indulgent creations. These healthy options are still based on the same time-honored recipes but uses certified organic / vegan ingredients in the mix.

The cakes come in variety of sizes that’s perfect for every occasion, not just Christmas. Aside from the regular sized one, they have a Single-Serve size for those who want to a taste of its goodness even while on the go. Meanwhile, the Just Desserts Bites variant is perfect to bring for parties, office lunches, and other gatherings.

Landers Superstore is the exclusive distributor of Just Dessert here in the Philippines. Take home this epicurean delight for a sweet ending to your festivities!