Luckily for you, we know many ways to loosen up and, you may not know it, but grocery shopping actually works as a type of therapy for that. Here’s why:

  1. You don’t need to talk to people while grocery shopping.

Unlike in malls where sales people swarm on you, groceries provide a more peaceful environment where you could breeze through without having to talk to anyone.

  1. No remorse about the things you buy after a week.

Malls use tricks to encourage you to buy more like offering comparatively pricey items and using lights that enhance how their products look. Moreover, most products you can buy in a grocery store can be consumed and therefore, you can never feel bad about it (unless of course if you’re on a diet.)

  1. It’s a good couple activity.

In malls, you can see three types of people: those who spend their time with their family, those who shop alone, and those who patiently wait for their spouses to finish scanning every cabinet in every shop. Grocery shopping can be a good couple activity because here, you can practice decision-making skills as a couple.

  1. You save more money.

Malls encourage impulse buying while grocery stores give you what you need. Plus, you can already have two meals for a price of one pair of shoes you buy in the mall.

  1. It pushes you to take initiative and be an adult.

Creating a to-buy list, planning meals, and actually preparing them, is one sign that you’re entering adulthood. Having that sense of accomplishment can benefit you in many ways.