Combine them together, however, and you’ll definitely fall into a Bermuda triangle of sweet bliss. It’s truly one of the best combinations in the world.


Not surprisingly, Cadbury came out with its own ice cream line to bring their world renowned chocolates to this new dessert frontier. Going into new ventures is something the company has always been known for. It has survived and succeeded for more than a hundred years because of its spirit for innovation. That and the excellent taste of its products, of course.


Now you can enjoy your favorite flavors of Cadbury chocolate bars in ice cream form. There’s the Top Deck flavor, a delightful blend of milk chocolate and creamy white chocolate. There’s also the Caramello flavor with its generous swirl of caramel mixed in with milk chocolate. And, finally, there’s the Peppermint Chocolate flavor that adds a minty cool punch to the creamy goodness of milk chocolate. All these flavors are available in 2 liter tubs at Landers Superstore.


There’s just no point in resisting. Surrender now to the pure sweet bliss of Cadbury Chocolate Ice Cream.