The only difference is that craft beers are “crafted” not manufactured. Meaning, it is handcrafted to fit your desired tastes by small breweries, not by the mega-breweries whose ads we see everywhere.


Craft beers are like the “indie” category of beers. And with it gaining a following, it’s needless to say that there will be countless new brews to taste. So, now that you know it, let us give you a crash course on beer to help you choose your next bottle to chug:


Types of beer

One look at Landers’ beer cabinets and you’ll think you’ll need a whole semester to know beer fully. You’ve probably seen or heard or tasted pilsners, porters, stouts, and wheat beers but to make it easy for you: beers are only either ales or lagers.



The thing that separates ales from lagers is the type of yeast pitched into it. Ales are created with top-fermenting yeasts unlike the bottom-fermented lagers. Ales are crafted in warmer temperatures which gives it a more robust and fruity taste. However, these are the types of beers that tend to be more bitter.



Unlike ales, lagers are lighter-tasting beers. Thus, they are smoother and mellower. Its aromas and tastes are also more subtle and balanced.


The next thing to determine is the “style family” that the beer falls into.  Ales and lagers have different flavors, colors, and characteristics explaining the need for the fancy names I’ve mentioned earlier. One of the most common types of lagers are pilsners.


Pilsners are the gold-colored beers that contain lower alcohol content. They are also lighter in flavor making it a very refreshing drink. An example of this is the Pixel Pils Czech Style Pilsner Beer which comes with 5% ABV or alcohol by volume.


The Bean Me Up Milk Espresso Stout on the other hand is a beer of darker color. Stouts are ales that often have high alcohol content giving it dark colors and strong roasted tastes. Stouts can contain up to 12% ABV.


Another type of ale is the Belgian-style beer. Belgian-style beers like The Last Strawberry Wit Beer also contain high alcohol content but what’s cool about it is that it retains the sweet and fruity flavors and the low bitterness.


All the beers mentioned (and more) will be on sale at the Landers Beer Sale which ends October 31, 2017. So, hurry and grab new brews!