Its mix of topnotch ingredients and excellent processing honed by centuries’ worth of work by generations of chocolatiers is known and loved the world over.


Despite being relatively younger than its competitors (some Belgian chocolate brands have been around for centuries), Belgid’Or lives up to the immense reputation of Belgian Chocolates – and more. Belgid’Or’s chocolate truffles, spreads, and bars are made of UTZ certified organic cocoa. This means that the beans used for their chocolate came from farmers that follow only the best agricultural practices. Their support for sustainable farming that benefits both the people and the environment shows that its heart is in the right place.


Their commitment, aside from delivering high-quality products, is to also give a delightful experience at a very competitive price. That’s why Belgid’Or is very particular in its overall appeal – from its packaging to the product presentation inside the box – so that it exudes luxury at every turn. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your friends, family, officemates, or even for yourself, then you don’t have to look further because Belgid’Or can suit up to the high standards you’re looking for.


With its unparalleled dedication to quality and class, Belgid’Or raises the standard upon which other Belgian chocolates – or every chocolate, for that matter – will be measured. Discover this treasure today only at Landers Superstore.