Hotdogs are always a treat, no matter what time of the day it is.

To those who are always on a hurry, hotdogs are a godsend. Just wrap it up in a take away bag and you can eat it anywhere – in the bus, in the car, or while walking to wherever your next destination is.

For those like the rest of us who are just plain hungry, hotdogs are the perfect craving busters. You can even say that it qualifies as a complete meal, especially when partnered with a bun.

As the station of your favorite American comfort food, Landers Central also has its own take on this meaty delight and that’s the US Kielbasa Hotdog. Kielbasa is actually derived from a popular Polish sausage made of pork seasoned with various spices, making it a more flavorful alternative to the hotdogs we’re used to.

It’s only P149 for ala carte and P199 to add fries and drinks – a steal, if you ask me. Whether eaten plain or with loads of garnish, the US Kielbasa Hotdog will never disappoint. Try one at Landers Central today!