Have you stepped on one Lego too many? Are the toys starting to creep out and spread to other unsuspecting corners of your home?


If you said yes to all questions, maybe it’s time to roll up your sleeves and give your full attention to organizing this area. But, in a place that’s in constant flux, how do you even start? Here, we’ve laid out some helpful tricks to help you conquer the clutter in your children’s playroom and regain your peace of mind.


Clean the room – alone

The first step to decluttering the playroom is conducting a toy purge. Take out all those that have seen better days such as broken or incomplete toys and puzzles with missing pieces. Keep in mind that these should be limited to toys that your kids are NOT attached to.


Involve the kids

Once you’re done with the initial sweep, it’s time to bring in the kids! Ask them to help you in sorting out the toys that they want and those that could be thrown or given away. Make sure you go through every bin so that you won’t miss a thing. You can use this as an opportunity to teach them how to sort by color, shape, type, etc.


Invest in Bins

Bins are your best friends in this endeavour. A good selection of both opaque and see-through bins will be enough to meet your needs. Other storage items you could use are baskets, shelves, and rolling carts. Just make sure that you evaluate your space well so you can choose the appropriate size of the storage items that you need.


Utilize Wall Space

Speaking of evaluating your space well, don’t limit yourselves to shelves or bins when it comes to storage. Consider hanging a net or a pegboard as a catch-all some of their toys and personal items. They can free up a lot of space on the floor, giving your kids a lot more room to play with.


Go for multi-functional items

In a limited space such as the playroom, having multi-functional items is a must. You’ll surely get a lot more out of a storage bin that also doubles as a stool/chair compared to getting these items separately.


Color code

If you have more than one child, color coding makes it easier for them to identify their toys.  Assign one color for each child and another unique color for shared toys.


Rotate Toys

One great way to reduce clutter in the playroom is to do a simple toy rotation. Take several toys off the play area and keep them away in storage for a certain period of time. When you bring them back out again, they will surely look like new toys to your children. This is a great way to find out which toys are seasonal and which ones are seldom used by your children. Those that are no longer played with can be given away to relatives or to charities.


Schedule regular clean-ups

Make it a point to clean the room every day with your children. This way, you’ll be able to teach them to be responsible for their toys. However, you also have to remember that your children are not perfect. They’re bound to mess up from time to time, and you have to accept that. When it happens, don’t panic. Try different methods to encourage your kids to be more organized in the playroom. You’ll eventually find out what will work for you and your family with constant practice.