That’s quite a shame because this crisp, refreshing drink offers a unique taste while delivering the same fuzz and buzz as good ol’ beer.


But what is it, anyway? At its most basic, hard cider is the resulting drink made from fermented fruit juice, usually apple. However, that description doesn’t capture the whole spectrum of its complexity. Just like beer and wine, hard cider is available in different forms and made in a variety of ways. Here are 5 basic things you should know about this drink to help you appreciate it better.


Cider is more similar to wine than beer.

With its golden color and foam, it’s quite easy to confuse cider with beer. The truth is that it’s actually more similar to wine, in that the process basically involves fermenting the juice and letting the fruit take over. Beer usually involves cooking and recipe development, while cider focuses on the expression of the fruit itself.


Main ingredient

Technically, cider can be made using different kinds of fruit, but apple remains to be the most popular. The apples used in making cider are not the usual kind you see in grocery stores. Cider apples have a bitter and sharp taste, which is why they earned the nickname ‘spitters.’ This same bitterness is also what lends nuance and structure to ciders. A variation in bitterness can change a cider’s aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel, among others.


Alcohol content

Cider has an alcoholic content similar to beer, with most types ranging from 4.5% to 10% ABV.


Food Pairings

Cider is also a pairing workhorse – it goes pretty well with a wide range of foods, such as creamy pasta, apple pies, pizza, blue cheese and camembert, chicken salad, and sushi.


Cider Styles

There is no single style of cider, but regional footprint plays a big part in its flavor and character due to different factors that are particular to that place, like the available variety of apples on hand or the unique methods used per region. Top cider-producing countries include France, UK, US, and Spain. French ciders are known to be light and sweet while UK ciders are bone dry. On the other hand, most US ciders are distinctly sweet while Spanish ciders, also known as ‘sidra,’ have a more sour, tart-y taste profile.


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