House chores teach children essential life skills and studies show that participating in it at an early age gives children a jump start in life.

But with the number of distractions today, i.e. gadgets and the internet, it can be hard to get your children to do the chores, so here are some tips to get them going.

Start early

When kids get to ages 3 or 4, they gain a natural enthusiasm to contribute and be involved in activities they see around the house. By this time, you'll notice they will start imitating what you do. Use this time to expose them to as many chores as possible even though it means a lot more work for you. A little patience today can reap big benefits later on.

Warm them up with easy tasks

Picking up books and toys, sorting the laundry, dusting the door knobs, and helping clean spills are some age-appropriate tasks for preschoolers. As they grow, you can start giving them more complex tasks like meal-prepping and making their own bed.

Praise them

Use positive reinforcement to reward them for completing their tasks well and on-time. Praise them a lot! Tell them how proud you are of them every time they do things without being told.

Work as a team

Everything becomes more fun when done together. Make the weekly Sunday general cleaning more fun by playing their favorite songs and dancing to it. When you work together, you also get the chance to show them directly how to do things properly.

Turn chores into a game

Humans have a natural tendency to be competent and you can exploit this by gamifying the tasks you give them. Have them empty the garbage cans and whoever finishes it first gets to decide what the family watches for movie night.