Perhaps it triggers our sweet spot so much that we tend to forget all the sensible things and just revel into its sweet abyss.


Well, as much as we want to help you counter that sweet urge to indulge, looks like we’re going to have a hard time doing so, especially when there is Huer.


Huer Foods is the leading national confectionary distributor in Canada that offers an unmatched selection of quality gummy, confectionary, and healthy snack items. It boasts of a Sensible Sweets collection, which offers GMO Free, Gluten Free, Organic, Kosher, Halal Gelatin and Vegan options. If those terms are quite hard to digest, it only means that some of their sweets are made with natural colors and flavors. So you feel less guilty after you’ve downed an entire box.


Kidding aside, Huer Foods is available at Landers Superstore. You can get your hands on their Sour Super Mix, which is packed with highly addicting fresh sour gummies. They also have Wine Gums, which come in chewy and tasty pastille-like sweets. Another is their Groovy Mix, which is a hip assortment of licorice candy. And last but certainly not the least, Huer’s Fruit Gelees, which are natural yummy fruit candies.


We know your sweet tooth is tingling. So go ahead, take the risk, and fall into the arms of your new eye candy. Or in this case, eye candies.