But besides making your clothes softer for your own comfort, it also brings a lot of other benefits that we often overlook.


Minimized wear and tear

Baigo Fabric Softeners are made with natural palm fruit oil that makes your clothes last longer by taming the movement of fibres while also maintaining its elasticity. And while it does that, it also prevents the fibres from getting too relaxed, retaining the shape of the clothes.



The smell of damp clothes is a common dilemma during rainy days. Good thing, Baigo Fabric Softeners come in rose and floral variants so you can still get that fresh, fragrant breeze the moment you open the drier.


Gets rid of dust mites

Dust mites inhabit pillows and beds and they love to feed on your dead skin. If left unchecked, these mites can bring serious health problems like skin diseases and asthma attacks. Baigo Fabric Softeners come in a patented solution that is proven to kill mites.


The next time you visit Landers, be sure to grab a bottle of Baigo Fabric Softeners for softer, fresher, and mite-free clothing.