What’s worse is that the chore requires meticulous cleaning; no one likes dried soap in plates and utensils.

Luckily for you, Landers members, the Paos Dishwashing Liquid takes the hard work from washing dishes.


The Paos Dishwashing Liquid utilizes a natural coconut oil formula that nourishes sensitive hands while breaking down the grease on your kitchenware. It uses 100% natural ingredients so you can make sure it does not leave any residue and pollutant.


Another good thing about the Paos Dishwashing Liquid is that it has a high biodegradability rating of 95% which means that its components take lesser time to break down making it less harmful to the environment.


With it, not only can you say farewell to dry hands and grease, you can also help the environment. The Paos Dishwashing Liquid is an exclusive brand of Landers Superstore.