Veer away from the usual cake and ice cream combo and try the NBI Dadih Soya Fruits Pudding instead.


For the non-foodie, the Dadih is the Indonesian version of pudding. It originated from West Sumatra, Indonesia and although it has a similar texture to the French pudding, it offers a distinct sweet taste popular among the people of Sumatra.


Unlike the pudding we know (which is a mix of sugar, milk, and cornstarch) Dadih is made out of raw unheated buffalo milk. The milk is placed in a bamboo container capped with a banana leaf, and is then left to ferment for two to three days.


There’s also something special about food prepared in bamboo and banana leaves! The fermentation process produces a different strain of lactic acid bacteria you could rely on the morning after disrupting your tummy’s natural workload.


If your party’s scheduled tonight, here’s a good news: It’s not too late! You can skip the days-long preparation because it’s readily available at Landers. It comes in 15 different flavors with added Nata De Coco for a chewy texture.


Head on to Landers to prepare for your pudding party!