We know the struggle, so we’re giving you the new Landers Central Combo Crates: All your favorites in just one order.


It comes in two variants that will surely fit whatever the size of your gang is. The Madison Square Meal comes with a Brooklyn Bomber Pizza (Regular), 4 pieces Pasta Marinara with Half Meatballs, and 4 soda cups. It’s priced Php 999 so, if you do the math, you save a total of Php 392.


The Broadway Meal is priced Php 1,399 and it comes with 3 Creamy Truffle Pastas, 1 Chicken Bucket (comes with 8 chicken pieces of your choice), 3 Pasta Marinaras, and 6 soda cups. With this combo, you can save a total of Php 348.


Now, you’ll never have to have a hard time choosing again. Come to Landers Superstore and experience the new Landers Central Combo Crates.