The look they give you whilst munching on a carrot stick is invaluable -- it’s almost as if they’re thanking you telekinetically. What’s not fun is the odor that comes with living with them.


Rabbits are pretty hard to litter-train. They like to treat your house like an enormous litter box and it’s quite annoying to have that smell around the house but don’t fret, because we’ve gathered some pointers to help you keep the odors at bay:


Follow a feeding schedule

It’s normal and needed to let your beloved fluff out of the cage daily but if you like to see it roam around freely, you need to follow a feeding schedule. After each feeding, give the rabbit about 15 to 30 minutes in his litter box so it’ll know that’s the right place to leave droppings.


Clean the cage regularly

Rabbits relieve themselves a lot and it’s easy for dirt to accumulate in their cage. Make sure you clean their cage daily because it’s likely for them to be covered with their own waste.


Bathe the rabbit 

Your rabbit’s paws and bottom will get dirty once in a while. Have it lie on it’s back (like you’re giving it a belly rub, so cute.) and gently wet its paws and bottom with lukewarm water. Wipe it with a warm cloth afterwards.


Get a large litter box

They’re super active. Rabbits roam around and randomly leave their droppings everywhere so it helps if you get a wider litter box.


Use an all-natural bedding

While we’re at it, it is necessary to put a layer of bedding in it’s litter box to lessen the smells. The Hartz® Nodor® Natural Bedding for Small Animals is an ultra-absorbent, long-lasting cellulose fiber bedding for your pet. It utilizes an odor-encapsulating technology that quickly absorbs and traps smells from droppings so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the litter box too frequently.


With these steps paired with Hartz® Nodor® Natural Bedding, you can enjoy an odor-free environment so you can just sit back and let your fluff play all day.