It’s inevitable. Whether you work at home or all-over the place, you will have to deal with a little blotch from time to time. If you’ve recently resorted to covering stains with a cloth patch, you’ll be relieved to know that there are several stain removal techniques to keep your clothes in pristine condition.


Chewing gum

The trick here is to freeze the gum until it hardens. If you won’t have access to the fridge until later, ice cubes can do the trick. Once it hardens, scrape it with a knife or a plastic card until it goes off. Saturate it with cleaning fluid, rinse, and then launder.



Stack a couple of paper towels and place the cloth on it with the affected side facing down.  Cover the area entirely with cornstarch, baking soda, or baby powder. Use a brush to spread the powder evenly and let it absorb the oil completely. Pour a drop of dishwashing soap and wash afterwards.


Cuff soil

One of the least trickiest stains to clean. Just launder it as you normally would but remember to use cold water to soften the collar stains.



If an ink blot is the case, try to wipe it with alcohol while the ink is wet. Dry it and then place the stained part over the mouth of a jar. Secure it with rubber bands and pour denatured alcohol directly to the stain until it melts away. Rinse it thoroughly afterwards.



Use a spoon or knife to remove excess. You wouldn’t want to spread the splot so avoid dabbing it. Apply dishwashing liquid to it and let it dry. Wash it with liquid detergent afterwards and launder.