For sure, you are already busy booking those flights, reserving a hotel room, and creating an itinerary for this special occasion. Another important part of travel preparations, however, is making sure your home is secured before you leave. You will enjoy the trip more knowing you and your family still have a wonderful house to go home to after your vacation.

With that said, here’s a simple pre-vacation checklist you can use to take care of all the important errands you need to do before going on that much-awaited vacation.

Three Days Before

__ Ask your local newspaper delivery guy or magazine subscription service to temporarily suspend deliveries for the duration of your trip. You can also ask a trusted neighbor to get the mails for you.

__ Find someone who will look after your pets if you’re not bringing them along.

__ Mow the lawn. 

One Day Before

__ Discard or give away the perishable food from your fridge that you know will go bad while you are away such as cold cuts, opened carton of milk, or half slices of fruits. You wouldn’t want to go home to the smell of spoiled food, would you?

__ Set the temperature of your fridge to the lowest setting to save on electricity.

__  Install a timer on at least one light so that your house will look lived in.

One Hour Before

__ Leave a car in the garage. If you’re bringing your car along, ask a trusted neighbour to park his or her car in your garage from time to time so that it won’t be too obvious that no one is home.

__ Unplug appliances to save on electricity and to avoid any accidents that may result from a power surge.

__ Turn off the gas for safety, too.

__ Switch off the water valves to avoid possible leakage.

__ Take out all the trash and wipe countertops. This will keep away the ants and flies from your house.

__ Leave your blinds and curtain open just enough for outsiders to see that there is light inside.

Five Minutes Before

__ Lock all doors and windows. Of course.

__ Keep your spare key in a secure but hidden place. Make sure it is not so obvious (like under a pot of plant).

__ Turn on the timer on your lights.

That’s it. Feel free to copy and print this checklist so that you’ll have a stress-free vacation.