Its clean air, historical landmarks, rugged coastline, and fertile soil has made it a veritable slice of paradise here on earth. Among its many treasures, its fruit orchards remain to be the most popular. Some of the world’s best citrus fruits particularly oranges, lemons, and mandarin, come from Chios. In fact, the island is referred to as “myrovolos” or fragrant because of the distinct aroma that permeates the air.

These exquisite sun-kissed fruits from paradise are what you’ll get in every pack of Chios Garden Juice. They are carefully hand-picked from the island’s world-famous orchards to make sure that only the freshest, most aromatic, and juiciest ones will go into your glass.

Chios Garden Juice is also 100% natural. After the juice has been squeezed, it is immediately packed into high-grade aseptic bags for safekeeping, unlike regular concentrate juice which is dehydrated first for later processing. Free from sugar, water, additives, and preservatives of any kind, Chios Garden Juice is as perfect as nature intended it to be – nothing more, nothing less. Besides, when your fruit comes from paradise, there is no need for anything extra.

You can now enjoy Chios Garden Juice every day because it is now available at Landers Superstore. Feel free to choose between two flavors: Orange and 3 Fruits (Orange, Apple, Peach).