New York-style pizza, in particular, has become an American icon, the same as its birthplace.


Landers Central whips up its own version of this all-American favorite for a super dining experience like no other. Here are the four awesome New York-inspired flavors you can choose from:


Manhattan Supreme


When people think of New York, what they actually think of is Manhattan. This is where most of its most famous attractions are concentrated - Central Park, Empire State Building, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Times Square, and Broadway, to name a few. It has everything you'll ever want to see in New York.

The Manhattan Supreme also has all the toppings you look for in a pizza – bell peppers, olives, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and ground beef.


Brooklyn Bomber


Brooklyn is considered as the trendiest place in New York. It is known for its culture, especially its independent arts scene. Many hipsters and fashionable young people converge in Brooklyn’s neighborhoods to enjoy its chic boutiques and experience the nightlife!

Just like its namesake and inspiration, the Brooklyn Bomber also offers a lot of fun with its all-meat party composed of pepperoni and huge chunks of ground beef.


Bronx Pepperoni

Many people take the Bronx for granted but this unassuming neighborhood is actually the home of some of New York’s finest contributions to popular culture, namely the New York Yankees, hip-hop, and Jennifer Lopez.

Much in the same way, the Bronx Pepperoni only has Pepperoni as its topping but it still packs a flavorful punch that can rival the other pizza flavors!


NY Cheese Deluxe

Rich in culture, history, and an undeniable cosmopolitan vibe, New York is the place to see and feel the best of life. One cannot simply get over it.

Likewise, NY Cheese Deluxe uses only the best ingredients that will surely make you crave for one more slice... and another... and another… and so on.


Aside from its outstanding taste, what separates Landers Central’s pizza from others is its healthy option. You can choose to replace the regular dough with the healthier wheat dough – and it won’t even cost you extra. Isn’t that neat? All these pizza flavors are available for P109 per slice and P599 per box except for the NY Cheese Deluxe which is priced at P99 per slice and P499 per box.


Served hot and fresh every single time, Landers Central’s pizza alone is enough reason to venture into the nearest Landers Superstore near you. So go ahead and take a bite of New York’s best. To rephrase a famous saying, the proof is in the eating.