That’s why I think I speak for everyone when I say that snacking after shopping is a must. It’s a great way to get our energy back and to reward ourselves for getting the job done.

Whenever I shop at Landers, my favorite go-to snack place is Landers Central. They have a diverse set of delicious but filling meals that are perfect for any kind of post-shopping craving. If you’re like me who simply can’t get enough of bread and pastry, then I’m pretty sure you’ll also fall for their sweet combo of scrumptious pretzels and churros, the latest addition to their menu.

What’s not to love about these tasty treats? The churros are baked just right to achieve that perfect balance of a crispy outside and a soft inside. A generous sprinkling of cinnamon dust also gives each piece a delightful and irresistible crunch. The pretzel, on the other hand, has a subtle buttery taste underneath its lightly toasted crust and comes in two flavors: Himalayan Salt and Cinnamon.

I love that they are always served warm and the serving is big enough to be shared with my shopping partner. For an additional P20, you can upgrade your pretzel or churros by pairing them with a special dip in dark chocolate or caramel. To be honest with you, just thinking and writing about them makes my stomach grumble with excitement!

So the next time you go to Landers, end your visit on a sweet note by treating yourself to Landers Central’s Pretzel and Churros. Shopping is hard work, don’t they know? You deserve it!