This is the same problem that Mustafa Koita, founder and CEO of Koita Milk, faced while raising his three kids. Koita Milk was born out of his desire to give premium organic food a place in every family’s table.

The company was launched in 2013, backed by intensive research that aims to achieve the cleanest and best tasting organic milk in the market. The result is a product that is rich in Vitamin A & D3 as well as other essential nutrients. All Koita Milk variants have been certified organic by EU (European Union) Agriculture which is one of the most credible certification agencies in the world.

Whatever your preference, Koita Milk has something that will cater to you. You can choose between the Whole Fat, Low Fat, and Skim variants for the 1Liter pack. Check out the baon-friendly 200mL pack too that comes in Whole Fat, Low Fat, and Chocolate variants. Lactose-Free and Soy Milk variants are available for those who suffer from lactose-intolerance.

Finding a healthy balance to your children’s diet in today’s junk food-filled world is easier now that organic products like Koita Milk are readily available for everyone. Get your packs today in any Landers store nationwide.