Knowing your way around the kitchen is important and even if you’re the busy type, it’s nice to know a few tricks to prevent that disastrous trip to the kitchen every once in a while.


  1. Slice through soft foods with dental floss

There are two main culprits for a horribly cut cake: one, not finding the center of the cake and two, failing to reach the perceived center with a knife, resulting to unequal cuts. Using dental floss covers the entire diameter of a cake, enabling you to find its center more easily. It also allows you to distribute force equally on both hands, so you can slice through the cake more precisely.


  1. Peel hard-boiled eggs fast

Hard-boiled eggs can be used in various dishes and can be eaten in many ways but it can be quite taxing to peel. To peel hard-boiled eggs effortlessly, seal them in a plastic container and shake (the same works with garlic cloves). Another method is to scoop out the egg white from the shell.


  1. Use two plates to slice many tomatoes at once

Wash the tomatoes, place it on a plate, sandwich it with another plate, and slice sideways. Genius!


  1. Grill fish on top of lemons

Fish is soft and easy to cook, and when you’re grilling, there’s a chance it might stick and tear. Placing lemon slices beneath it prevents that, plus, it gives the piece a citrusy flavor.


  1. Pick up the egg shells from the yolk faster

Removing egg shell pieces from a cup of egg yolk can be annoying. It’s as if the egg shell has a mind of its own. It moves away exactly the moment you try to tag it! The trick here is simple: wet your fingers before dipping it into the yolk. You’ll be surprised how easily you’ll get the pieces.