Living in a small space affects people in a great way and it’s really challenging to optimize a tiny house and to make living in it productive and happy. So, to give you a boost, here are some tiny house hacks:


  1. Install hooks

Hanging frequently used clothes like coats, hats, and pants on hooks instead of stacking them on top of a chair saves space and also time as you can just grab it behind the door before you leave.


  1. Hide trash cans inside furniture

Take trash cans out of your sight to make the room look cleaner and more spacious.


  1. Put stuff under the bed/stairs

You may not see it, but the space beneath your bed and stairs can be used a lot of ways. Tip: use it as storage for seasonal items like Christmas decors and thick jackets.


  1. Use magnetic racks to organize tools

Installing magnetic racks on bathrooms and kitchen rooms can save space and boost productivity as it eliminates the hassle of inserting tools and utensils on the correct slots.


  1. Make a peg board

Save cabinet space by hanging wide pans and covers on peg boards.