Before Doppio, I really didn’t see anything special in coffee. What’s in a cup that a lot of people around the world are so passionate about?


I’m 23 and I just had my first cup of coffee weeks ago at Doppio. It was an eye-opener. Everything from its baristas’ warmth to the enchanting aromas that fill the air changed the way I look at coffee.


Doppio is Landers’ very own coffee shop. It’s located inside every Landers Superstore so you can chill out here while your parents (or kids) breeze around the superstore.


People at Doppio brew fresh cups at your request, stirring fresh and unique blends with notable brands in the coffee field. They also sell luscious ice cream flavors like white pistachio, matcha green tea, coffee almond fudge, and strawberry cheesecake to name a few.


To slurp or not to slurp


It is the big debate in the coffee world. Most people consider it a pet peeve, while advocates say it enhances and completes the entire coffee drinking experience.


I, myself, am a coffee slurper and besides it being my instinctive response to a hot cup of coffee, for me it really brings out the flavors a bit more. Slurping also sprays the coffee inside the mouth and to your entire palate. At the same time, slurping aerates the coffee which allows the aromas to travel to your nose, interacting with your nasal receptors, and causing your brain to decipher an enhanced flavor.


Now you know that it’s not just a lack of good manners, but a greater appreciation for coffee.