1. PVC Pipe Rack

If you happen to find extra PVC pipes lying around, why not use them to your advantage? When crafted, they not only make a cool modern furniture piece, they also serve as a unique bottle holder! Check out this step-by-step guide on MarthaStewart.com.

2. Door Frame Wine Rack

Who knew a door frame could serve as a wine rack? With this unique method of showcasing your collection, your visitors will definitely be impressed! Get this rack on Etsy.com.

3. Film Reel Rack

In case you work in the film industry and have tons of discarded film reels, this liquor rack would be a perfect fit. It’ll tell your guests a lot of things: that you love wine/liquor, are a movie aficionado, and are resourceful! This piece would look great on your corridor or entryway table. Know more about this project on igreenspot.com.

4. Aluminum Can Rack

Repurposing Aluminum cans to make a wine rack is an inexpensive option to hold your expensive wine collection! Now that’s a great excuse to stock up on canned goods. Learn more about how to build this rack by watching Michelle Kaufmann’s video.

5. Dresser Rack

Got an old dresser in the basement that’s collecting dust? Bring it out and use it as a liquor dresser! That way, it will feel like brand new furniture. Read all about it on TheHappyHousewife.com.

6. Hanging Rack

If space is an issue in your home, you can opt to go for a hanging bottle rack! Using only wood and metal chain, you can display your liquor and champagne glasses in a stylish manner. You can hang this in the kitchen, dining room or anywhere you deem fit. Learn how to make one by visiting DremelEurope.com.

7. Cardboard Rack

This may be a not-so-stylish solution, but hey! It’s cheap, resourceful and gets the job done! Just cut a few cardboard boxes, glue the pieces together and voila! You have your own wine rack! To improve the look, you can always paint it. If you need a guide, you can read one on Instructables.com