Allspice – has a warm, fragrant peppery taste. You can use this on soups, salads, stews, fish, poultry, meat, desserts and beverages

Black Pepper – a strong, sharp taste with a hint of lemon. Black pepper can be used on meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and salads.

Basil – aromatic, minty freshness. Basil is usually added as a finishing touch to pestos and other pasta dishes.

Bay Leaf – these leaves add an earthy, pungent taste to your dish.  This can be added in soups or sauces.

Cayenne Pepper – made from ground red chili peppers, this adds a spicy, fiery flavor to soups and braises.

Cilantro – this herb has a pungent flavor with buttery notes. Cilantro is usually used in guacamole and salsa.

Cinnamon – a spice with a rich, warm taste, cinnamon is used on both sweet recipes and savory dishes.

Clove – peppery sharpness that combined with sweet and fruity notes. This is used in baking, pork, ham and breads.

Coriander – has a soft floral taste with warm hints of wood, orange and pepper. This is commonly used in Mexican cuisine.

Cumin – provides complex, earthy flavor and bitterness. This is used in certain meats, poultry and stews.

Dill Weed – light, feathery herb that gives off a delicate, sweet and tangy taste.

Garlic Powder – rich, sharp and aromatic.  This is most popularly used in spice blends and meat.

Ginger - a peppery sharpness tempered by a clean, sweet freshness.

Nutmeg – Pungent and sweet at the same time, with deliciously warm nuttiness. This is used in cakes, breads and sauces.

Onion Powder – has a sharp biting taste with a sweet finish.

Oregano – gives a robust, citrusy flavor. Oregano can be used in pasta sauces, stews, vegetables, marinades, grilled meats and more.

Paprika – sweet flavor with a small hint of bitterness and smokiness. This can be mixed in stews and spice blends.

Parsley – provides a fresh, grassy taste. This is used on omelets, sauces, red meat and fish.

Rosemary – has a strong, woodsy taste and luscious aroma. This is commonly used in potatoes, eggs and grilled meat.

Saffron – subtle, floral taste complemented with a warm earthiness. This is used in paella dishes.

Sage – its warm spicy with mild pungent flavor will remind you of pines. This is usually used in Italian dishes.

Star Anise – sweet, licorice flavor that is used in sauces, soups and pork.

Tarragon Leaves – subtle, licorice taste with a fresh, piney aroma, these leaves are used on French dishes, béarnaise sauce, poultry and marinades.

Thyme – warm and spicy in taste with undertones of cloves and a minty finish. This is great as an all-purpose seasoning.

Turmeric – earthy with hints of citrus and ginger, Turmeric can be found on curries, rice, soups and beans.

White Pepper – less aromatic compared to black pepper, but still has a pungent taste.


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