Luckily, at Landers, we have the Earth’s Own Almond Milk -- a simple, light, and refreshing plant-based milk that can give you the needed nutrients and a natural nutty flavor without the dairy components.


Unlike regular cow’s milk, almond milk doesn’t pack as much protein and calcium but there are a number of benefits you could get from almond milk. Here, we list down the 5 main reasons why we love almond milk.



Almonds contain a high amount of fat but if we compare a cup of almond milk with a cup of skim milk, we still get a huge difference. A cup of almond milk contains 39 calories, while a cup of skim milk contains almost twice as much.



Almond milk is completely vegan-friendly because it doesn’t contain any animal product. That also makes it a perfect milk substitute for people who are intolerant to milk sugar or lactose.


Reduces risk of heart disease

Most of the fats almonds contain are healthy fats which means it greatly reduces the chance of developing heart diseases.


High in vitamin D

Known as the “sunshine nutrient”, vitamin D is a vitamin we get from sunlight. It is responsible for keeping our bones and teeth strong and healthy.


Keeps skin looking great

A cup of almond milk contains half of the daily recommended amount of vitamin E, which acts like an antioxidant and maintains our skin’s health.


All that plus a creamy, rich, and sweet taste makes it a real guilty pleasure. Come on over at Landers and grab a box!