To ensure the finest taste and texture possible, he also used the method of slow cooking in copper pans.

His idea has led to the creation of barley sugar drops in large jars, which are proven to alleviate symptoms of travel sickness. It was particularly effective to the Royal Air Force crew who went on high altitude missions.

Later on, he developed his product into powdered sweets in 8oz travel tins, thus creating the term travel sweets. In fact, the tins were developed so that the sweets would remain fresh for years. Eventually, it became the brand’s iconic symbol.

Because of the unique and high quality taste of the product, Simpkins effortlessly supplied travel sweets all over the United Kingdom in no time. In February 2009, he even won the best new British product at the Cologne confectionery show for his Dr. Stuart range of herbal sweets. And now, Simpkins exports its quality sweets to over 40 countries throughout the world.

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