You might say, isn’t it just the Italian word for ice cream? Well, yes and no. Like ice cream, gelato is also made of milk, cream, and sugar but the main difference lies in the portioning of each ingredient. Gelato uses more milk than cream, making it less fatty and more flavorful than your regular ice cream. It is also churned at a much slower speed during the manufacturing process which introduces less air or “overrun” into the mixture, resulting in its trademark dense, elastic consistency and full-bodied texture.


G7 Gelati is one of the leading gelato brands in the market today. Its history goes back to 1958 when Guglielmo Visani started making his first batch of hand-made gelato. He passed on his vision of preserving authentic Italian ice cream-making tradition to his children. Today, the third generation Visani family continue to uphold the standards set by their grandfather in their wide variety of product offerings that are sure to satisfy your sweet cravings.


A popular variant of the G7 Gelati is Siviero Maria which was named after the founder’s wife. It has twenty-two flavors in its line-up. Some of the flavors are:  Pistacchio, Limone (Lemon), Panna con Fragole (Strawberries & Cream), Cioccolatissimo (Chocolate), Vaniglia del Madagascar (Vanilla), Tiramisu, Capuccino, Bacio (Chocolate & Hazelnut), Ciock Menta (Chocolate & Mint), Fior di Latte (Milk & Cream), Panna Cotta, and Limone e Fragola (Lemon & Strawberry).


Another popular variant is Gelato Madre. G7 refers to it as its “clean” label because it uses only 100% natural ingredients and it is also free of aromas, emulsifiers, thickeners and other additives. Its flavors include: Nocciola (Hazelnut), Fior di Latte (Milk and Cream), Caffe Terzi (Guatemalan Coffee), and Badiani (Custard).


Each tub of G7 Gelati is made with love and artistry. The gelato is manually poured into transparent tubs and then their gelatiers artfully decorate them by adding toppings or generous swirls of syrup.


Thankfully, we don’t need to fly to Italy to enjoy a taste of their artisanal gelato because G7 Gelati is finally available here in the Philippines at Landers Superstore. Go ahead and try it. The truth is you need not be confined to the same ice cream option over and over again. Now, isn’t that cool?