Cereals are almost always a part of healthy diets; it’s rich in fiber and it provides us with the energy we need through the day. However, it can be quite boring to eat as most brands come in only one taste, texture, and color, and the more health-conscious ones avoid it because of its high sugar content.


Fitella makes the breakfast cereal enjoyable. How, you ask? Well, besides being a well-balanced, no-sugar whole grain cereal, it also comes with mixed flavors like yoghurt with sour cherries, chocolate with strawberries, and tropical fruits with pineapple, papaya, and coconut. It’s almost like the entire breakfast plate fit in one bag!


I hear you say: “what more can I ask for?” It’s too early to say that because they certainly have more. They have a Muesli collection and oatmeal variants packed in simple, elegant, and handy packaging designed to be carried in a pocket.


It’s perfect for those who’s on the go like me, who’s grabbing a bag of Fitella right now. Gotta go!



Written by Lance Vidal