One moment we’re outside heading somewhere with our summer clothes, the next we’re completely drenched by the rain. And by the end of the day, we’ve already developed a cold. 


Increasing your vitamin intake during these types of days can be a proactive response, and there are many ways to do it other than taking tablets. Concentrate juices like Freshill is one good source of nutrition because with it, you get the same amount of vitamins you would get in the regular fruit juice minus all the added sugars.


Concentrate juices have a long shelf life and it is also a cheap and convenient way to reach the daily recommended fruit intake. If you’re on a strict diet or living a fast-paced office life, Freshill concentrate juices can be a way to inject fun to it.


Freshill is exclusively available at Landers. Choose between the Blackcurrant, Kiwi, and Lychee flavors and drink your way to wellness.