Ice cream sandwiches are not new to us but who thought it can be tweaked and reinvented? Coolhaus does exactly that with Awesome ice cream sandwiches, pints, and bars that come with inventive and super tasty flavors.


For the record, Coolhaus started in 2008 when co-owners Natasha Case and Freya Estreller, like everyone who’s having a 9-to-5, decided to have their own “side hustle”. They started baking cookies, mixing ice cream, and sandwiching them into “cool houses”.


Both of them have backgrounds in design and real estate so they decided to name their “cool houses” after famous names in the said fields. Some of their famous flavors are Mintimalism, Caramia Lehrer, Louis Ba-Kahn, Renzo Apple Pie-ano, and Mies Vanilla Rohe.


These flavors don’t only sound interesting, it’s also made up of unique combinations that can give you your new favorites. Its texture is also noteworthy. The people behind it worked, for years, to come up with a perfect texture; their cookies are soft and easy to chew, and the ice cream is not easily melted meaning, no mess gushing out the sides.


Every Coolhaus is built to house rich tastes that come out in every bite. It’s definitely a must-have for every fridge.



Written by Lance Vidal